Android Development


Android simply rocks exclaims most of the Mobile Apps Developers. And so are we! GloriaTech offers quality development services for Mobile development. GloriaTech has developed apps using the Android SDK.

Android is an Operating System developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance based on the Linux Kernel. It enables developers to write code in the JAVA language to control the device via API's provided by Google.

From the beginning of GloriaTech's experience of developing for Android until now, the time of writing this page, the following technology areas have been covered in our past experience…

  • WebService / WCF Integration
  • Mobile Database (SqlLite) Integration
  • Advanced UI Design
  • GPS Integration

But based on our experience on the above applications, we're ready to take the challenge to develop anything new and advanced even if it requires research and development on our part to achieve it because we simply love to work on Android SDK.

Why we love to work on Android?

  • Android OS has whipped the entire Smart Phone Market
  • Dedicated community of developers are actively working on this platform giving us a brilliant support community
  • Stable platform and ease of Development and Porting
  • We strongly believe that Android OS is the future

Why Gloriatech for Android Development?

  • Gloriatech specializes in working with the Android Development Kit and is the best outsource Mobile Apps Development Company for affordable and cost effective solution.
  • Gloriatech possesses an amazing talent, a passion for experimentation and technical credentials.

To know more about our Android application development or get an overview of the apps we have created so far, Please do contact us.